Monday, 24 September 2007

Trend Report - Fall Winter 2007 - Sock it!

We all know Prada is the leader behind setting trends. Prada is the most copied brand, and hence the trends it resorts to, almost always trickles down to other brands and mass manufactured labels.

If you look at the Prada ad campaigns for this fall, you'll realise the leggings have died their timely death and made way for the new footless socks. My first reaction was "Yikes!". (the whole leg warmish socks with heels trends - what do you expect).

But it will grow on you, it has to, after all it is a "Now" trend, we will all put a sock on. (Remember how horrified we were of the 80's but then we did dress like circus jacks in oversized brights and graphic leggings - Right).

So be bold and try the look. They come in gorgeous colors from lilac to powder yellow, black to blue, and they are sure to add that punch you will be craving for, after putting on your grey dress.

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