Monday, 24 September 2007

Trend Report - Fall Winter 2007 - Sock it!

We all know Prada is the leader behind setting trends. Prada is the most copied brand, and hence the trends it resorts to, almost always trickles down to other brands and mass manufactured labels.

If you look at the Prada ad campaigns for this fall, you'll realise the leggings have died their timely death and made way for the new footless socks. My first reaction was "Yikes!". (the whole leg warmish socks with heels trends - what do you expect).

But it will grow on you, it has to, after all it is a "Now" trend, we will all put a sock on. (Remember how horrified we were of the 80's but then we did dress like circus jacks in oversized brights and graphic leggings - Right).

So be bold and try the look. They come in gorgeous colors from lilac to powder yellow, black to blue, and they are sure to add that punch you will be craving for, after putting on your grey dress.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

New York fashion week summary

Marc Jacob -

had a surprise in store for the world. Now you usually imagine MJ to come up with a sophisticated and glamorous collection, something cute appealing and clean cut. But he managed to break the stereotype with his spring collection and I was surprised (not sure if it was pleasant).

There was a lot of deconstruction, a lot of "sexy" (or supposedly ) "sexy' outfits, a lot of skin baring with slitted skirts and short tops and some crazy underwear cropping up through the outfits. I'm not sure of my reactions to the collection, but there were a couple of good pieces here and there, so well....
Narcisco Rodriguez -
Now there was a collection true to its designer. It was clean cut, structured and oh so flattering. (a non linear note to myself #A lot of sequins are showing up on the runway for spring, its shimmer time , well that it sure is)

Phillip Lim -
Nobody understands better what the modern girls are looking for, than Phillip Lim. The clothes are so happy, cool, chic, youthful, modern and pretty (with a lot of underlying funk). I like!!!
Zac Posen -
"Days of heaven, the shakers and the wheat fields of the great plains" - ah where do I begin. It was an interesting collection, although some outfits looked a little too literal (with the hay bundled together), but overall the collection flowed with a breezy ephemeral soft look. The dresses were gorgeous, romantic, ruffled...and artistic. Do have a look.

Doo Ri -
If you like the look of well cut, extremely well draped, feminine dresses, Check out Doo Ri's collection for Spring. A simple color palette, and few gorgeous pieces.

Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

So fashion week is over, and here I am talking about the next spring when the fall isn't even here yet. Ah! following fashion makes your year pass so quickly. No I'm not kidding you, it actually makes the seasons shrink, and weeks fly...time needs to slow the heck down, I can barely keep up.

Anyway, so back to the start, fashion week is over and the trends to follow are finally laid out. Let's categorize them, shall we?

The "IN's"

Soft muted colors, some punchy bold colors, floral and abstract patterns, ruffled and halter necklines, sequins, knee length pencil skirts, thin belts, feminine dressing - dresses, silk jerseys and chiffon, light sheer flowy dresses and gowns, out of the box lingerie dressing, paper bag pants and skirts, high waisted everything, head scarves, metallics, clutches, Eco friendly clothes.

The "Out's"

Baby doll dresses, tunics+leggings, raffia shoes, short skirts, dark colors, loud geometric prints, Ruching, peasant skirts, jersey knits.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Requiem For A Dream

Couture seems to be obsessed with ruffles, frills and flounce. Is there anything as 'enough fantasy'? I say, no, dream on -


Its that time again. Shows and dissections to see what the world will be sporting in spring/summer '08. The New York fashion week started yesterday, and in case you are thinking three seasons ahead (yes the thermostat reads its still summer), it's advisable you avoid any more fall purchases, till the trends to follow are in, so you can make smarter decisions and opt for clothes that will see you through more than a season. Here are the highlights from the collections featured so far -

Yes, it is still the dress. Dresses featured so far are loose, and flowy, feminine and frivolous. Dresses have been a strong trend past few fashion seasons, but with varying silhouettes. And from the opening shows, the upcoming silhouette seems to be a loose sheath.

Alexander Herchcovitch's stripped down tuxedo collection was sinfully charming.Dominant red and black numbers, and evolution of classic tuxedo into cocktail dresses was impressive. The collection showcased, double breasted coats, lapel necklines, white cuffs, suspenders, corsages and cummerbunds.

BCBG Max Azaria - I liked the collection (a lot) from a wearer's point of view, there were a lot of dresses that ranked high on wearability. And it was a nice deviation from all the looseness and brightness we seem to be happily embracing. It was all ethereal, flowy, muted, with little dabs of color (little I say). There were ivories, ash, lilacs, misty browns...and a lot of organza, tulle, voile, silk twill.

And then there was L.A.M.B. - a mod inspired collection, part sixties, part eighties - honestly, too much variety, from boyish styles, to glitter, to op art, to lace - from shorts and blazers, to swimsuits, to dresses, to skirts...A lot seemed to be happening, but all in all they were in step with being young and hip.

Marchesa showcased an evening's affair, inspired by the rich Indian gold embroidery, on draped silhouettes, lace and tulle dresses, gold appliques, bold saffrons and vibrant reds.

Nicole Miller's collection was almost like fashion was taking a much needed break from all the madness it has been up to lately. Timelessly cut pieces, a decent variety, gorgeous yellows, blacks, taupe, magenta and golds. Key looks were high waisted fitted pencil skirts, loose wide legged trousers and again flowly dresses.

Amongst others were, Mara Hoffman, showing off a colorful psychedelia of billowy draped dresses and graphic pantsuits. Grey Ant showcased structured waists, color blocked linens and asymmetrical tops. Y and Kei attempted to reinterpret peace, love and freedom, in chemise dresses with dramatic details.