Thursday, 20 September 2007

Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

So fashion week is over, and here I am talking about the next spring when the fall isn't even here yet. Ah! following fashion makes your year pass so quickly. No I'm not kidding you, it actually makes the seasons shrink, and weeks fly...time needs to slow the heck down, I can barely keep up.

Anyway, so back to the start, fashion week is over and the trends to follow are finally laid out. Let's categorize them, shall we?

The "IN's"

Soft muted colors, some punchy bold colors, floral and abstract patterns, ruffled and halter necklines, sequins, knee length pencil skirts, thin belts, feminine dressing - dresses, silk jerseys and chiffon, light sheer flowy dresses and gowns, out of the box lingerie dressing, paper bag pants and skirts, high waisted everything, head scarves, metallics, clutches, Eco friendly clothes.

The "Out's"

Baby doll dresses, tunics+leggings, raffia shoes, short skirts, dark colors, loud geometric prints, Ruching, peasant skirts, jersey knits.

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