Thursday, 4 October 2007

Paris Fashion Week Spring - Summer 2008

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I really like Viktor & Rolf for their surreal artistic and concept driven collections. Although the dazzling theatricality the duo is expected of was toned down this time, the collection did not fall short of a "wow". The collection ran along the theme of Harlequin Romance. Opening with whites and monochromes to then slow injection of color. Stunning I tell you.

Lagerfeld collection was as you would expect, with a little more mystery adding to the unexpected sexiness of the ensembles. There were fifties dresses, sheers covering the arm, sleeveless billowy blouses, fitted jackets...and some almost jersey like fabric draped..One thing that will catch your attention is the sheerness of pieces and the thought of it seems so teasing to the skin.

I was just at the store the other day, looking at the Halloween costumes, and I commented on the pirate's costume, its so banal, ever since the Black Pearl floated into our mind's currents, the forgotten lot of pirates has been under the flashlight. But that won't stop me from going and watching the next Jack Sparrow movie (if it comes out) and similarly though the theme seems overused Jean Paul Gaultier went all the way with his collection - having fun I presume.

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